String Bikini Bottoms

String bikini bottoms for men. The hottest trend in men's swimwear

men's string bikini

String Bikini Bottoms for men

Let’s start off by stating the obvious string bikini bottoms are most often seen on women in fact they are one of the most popular designs in women’s swimwear fashion. The big surprise might just be how popular string bikini bottoms are becoming for men. These are one of the fast raising stars of the men’s swimwear business.  There are so many benefits to wearing men’s string bikini bottoms. Great fit, sexy designs, minimal coverage, great tan-line, perfect bathing suit for running on the beach playing volleyball and even bodysurfing.  These designs come in many styles but the one thing they have in common is the string holding the front to the rear. The string can be a band up to ¼” wide and still be considered a string bikini. Many of the designs have straps like that but others have a spaghetti string and some have spaghetti strings that an actual tie. The pouch size can be from ultra micro small including the newest male to female transformation pouch designs all the way up to full bulge pouches with built in adjustable cock ring straps to keep the penis looking as large as possible. I have some of these bulge pouch designs in my collection and I can tell you unequivocally that they make you look much larger than you could ever look on your own. The way the pouch is designed it pulls the penis and balls outward pushing them into the fabric and away from your body. My penis would be considered very small by most people but wearing these types of designs makes me look on the large side. It is very interesting how they work because you would think to look any larger you would need to stuff the pouch with something more than your penis by the way these designs are engineered it is all you sporting a nice large bulge! There are many options for the rear too. Most swimwear designs feel string bikini bottoms can mean everything from a G-string rear, thong rear, bikini rear, Brazilian bikini rear in fact there are some designs that have what is call an anal spreader rear like some of the swimsuits at These suits can be ordered with a large metal plug that uses the straps of the design to keep the plug deep inside of you while spreading the anus open. It is an interesting and very sensual view one has of the rear because in the middle of the plug is a spreader hole which allows anyone to see inside of you. I have a couple of these designs too and though it took time for me to get used to wearing the plug it did end up feeling great and it looks stunning.

string bikini bottoms
men's string bikini bottoms

Show off in your String Bikini Bottoms

A craze that has been sweeping the beaches these days is the wearing of string bikini bottoms by men. These beauties make a man’s ass most attractive as the back string lifts each ass cheek making it look toned and tight. Of course, you might have to do some work on your body, especially your ass, so that you can gain all of the muscles that you need to look delectable. No one loves viewing an ass that they just want to nibble on a little. Bikinis in the style of strings that only conceal your front package but are held together at the sides with strings of some sort can be very, very sexy. Both men and women will be drooling over you as they get the privilege of watching you stroll along the white sugar sands of an azure blue ocean. You might want to wear some sunglasses or goggles when you stroll, though, so those staring will not see you staring back.

Regular or String Bikini Bottoms?

When shopping for that perfect swimsuit that fits your figure, looks amazing, and is right in your price range, the internet is always a great place to go to find exactly what you need. If you are still caught up between whether you should purchase regular bikini bottoms or string bikini bottoms, think of a couple of things. Do your hips or belly fluctuate in size? Do you prefer a bikini that is quick to come off in intriguing situations? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you will likely need to invest in a string bikini bottom. A regular bikini offers solid staying power while playing in the water, but is often tight around the hips and belly. For those who experience weight fluctuations, the string bikini bottom is adjustable. Not to mention that string bikini bottoms often look a little sexier than regular bikinis anyway.