String Bikini Bottoms

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String bikini bottoms are one of the hottest swimwear designs ever to hit the beach. They are amazing on both men and women, in my opinion the sexiest of swimwear designs. I wear string bikinis every chance I get. I love wearing them on the beach and I have noticed many other men dumping their shorts and getting on the bikini band wagon. Bikinis are standard gear for the ladies and string bikinis have been popular for years. I have been in the swimwear business for years working with men's and women's swimwear. Designing string bikinis has always been one of my favorite designs to work on. Preaching the bikini gospel is another one of my joys. For me there are few things more exciting then getting a new guy to try wearing a bikini to the beach for his first time. It can be hard to get a man to switch but it is so easy after the first time they try it. Most men will never wear anything larger than a bikini after trying one, they are that hot. You might be ready for string bikini bottoms at first but if I can get you into a standard full back bikini I promise you will do the rest on your own.

String Bikini Bottoms That Men Love

There are many different types of swimsuits for men on the market these days, but one of the sexiest styles is string bikini bottoms. Guys just seem to love these bikinis, especially those men who treat their bodies like temples. These are the men who truly want to show off their gorgeous, sexy bodies by wearing as little as possible when they appear at their favorite swimming venue. A beach might be a little bit of a problem because of all the families that will most likely be there. On the other hand, there are beaches that cater to nudists. Those locations will allow you to wear as little as you want, even tiny string bikinis, or nothing at all. It is up to you just how much of your body that you want to show off as anything goes at a clothing optional beach. All you have to do is make the decision of whether or not your body is in decent enough shape to pull off the look of a string bikini bottom. The men who honestly do have amazing bodies will love the chance to wear these special bikinis made just for men.

Only Real Men Wear String Bikini Bottoms

It takes a real man to wear string bikini bottoms and you can see that every time you spot one of these guys walking down the beach. Some people might think that guys that would wear something like this are not men at all. The truth is that you must be all man to wear an item like this out in public and accept the possibility of ridicule. The funny thing about this is that all those guys that are making jokes and laughing at them would never have the guts to wear string bikini bottoms out in public themselves. They may think that they can handle anything life throws in their path, however, if they are not able to wear something of this nature out in public, then they have obviously failed as men in some form. Take a walk out on the beach and see how many guys are wearing these kinds of bikinis. This shows you the only true men on the beach at that time. 

String Bikini Bottoms

String bikini bottoms for men. The hottest trend in men's swimwear

String Bikini Bottoms