String bikini bottoms for men. The hottest trend in men's swimwear

String Bikini Bottoms

Guide to Men's Swimwear

String bikini bottoms for men now come in many shapes and sizes.

Bikini swimwear designs for men is one of the fastest growing fashion trends world wide. String bikinis along with full cut bikinis, Brazilian style bikinis, transformation bikinis and the super hot male enhancement bikinis. Style form and function along with stunning good looks and great designs are driving the market. The pace of change has been incredible the last few years. It was not too long ago when most men would be wearing surf shorts or Speedos. Times have changed and one visit to any of the hottest beaches or hotel pools will show you how much! Men wearing bikinis, thongs and even tiny G-strings are now totally main stream and the accepted norm for style along with another trend that has been taking off this year and that is the micro short shorts for men. Showing some skin is no longer a girl thing. It is masculine to show off the goods. String bikini bottoms can be found in many cuts including high cut suits, low cut suits, low cut rears, Brazilian cut rears, sheer and semi sheer designs and more.

String Bikini Bottoms to Get Attention

Some swimwear that will cause you to get some attention from other beachgoers are string bikini bottoms. Nothing will get you noticed more than these swimsuits for the obvious reasons of just how much of a man’s body is put on display. It does not matter what color these swimsuits are. As long as they fit in a flattering way; you are going to see people all over the sand turning to look in your direction. You can tell how good are not so good that you are wearing them just from the expressions on the faces of these people staring at you. If you have taken care of yourself in the best way possible, you can be assured that those string bikini bottoms are going to land you some phone numbers and, possibly, even some invitations for later dates. There is just something about these bottoms that will always help you to know where you stand in the appearance department.